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Stress-free taxes for Oyster comunity

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A perk for Oyster community

Nobody likes doing taxes. They’re complicated and the tax jargon is just ridiculous.

So we’ve teamed up with Oyster to offer you an exclusive 20% discount on your first TaxScouts tax return (Pack Renta) or on the 3 months of your subscription to our self-employed service (Pack Autónomos).

How it works

Answer a few questions

Sign up with your email and password and answer a few questions. If you’d like to get paired with an English-speaking accountant, reach out to us in our support chat.

Get paired with a certified accountant

That’s right, you’ll be matched with a real accredited accountant who is best suited to work on your taxes. Plus, they’re on hand for questions whenever you need.

We file your taxes for you

Once you’ve signed off your return, your TaxScouts accountant will submit your taxes with the Tax Agency for you.

TaxScouts is a Social Collaborator of the Spanish Tax Agency. This means that our service is verified by the Tax authorities and allows our tax advisors to file your taxes with security.

Our tax preparation services

Pack Autónomos Pro

39,90€ Just for you: €31.9 for the first 3 months
  • An accredited accountant works on your taxes and provide you with advice
  • Registration as a self-employed in the Spanish Administration (Tax Agency and Social Security)
  • Full calculation of your tax bills, claiming eligible expenses and tax reliefs
  • Quarterly and annual taxes filing
  • Invoicing and accounting software
  • Online support from your accountant (24h response time)

Pack Renta

Precio del Pack Renta: 69,90€ For you: €55.9
  • An Spain based accredited accountant works on your tax return
  • Professional help to claim eligible expenses and tax reliefs
  • 24 hours response time to your questions
  • Online and phone support from your accountant
  • We file your tax return and solve any notifications from the Tax Agency you may get
  • Post-filing support and warranty

We already sorted the taxes for lots of happy customers

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Let’s get your taxes sorted today

Sign up and meet your tax expert. They’ll review your situation, solve your questions and file your taxes for you.

Talk to us in the chat if you need to get paired to an English speaking accountant.


You’re not alone. If you’ve got a question about tax we’ve probably heard it before and have an answer, or we can walk you through what to do, just talk to us.

Whether you have to declare taxes in Spain or not depends on whether you are a resident. If you spend more than 183 days here in a calendar year, you’re considered a tax resident, and you must file the “Declaración de la Renta”, or “la Renta”.

There are some exceptions though:

  • If your gross income was less than €22,000, you don’t have to file it.
  • However, if you had more than 1 payer (you worked for more than one company o received a subsidy), you’ll have to file the Renta if your gross income was more than €14,000.
  • And if you’re self-employed you have to file it if you made more than €1,000.

If you’re not a tax resident (you spent less than 183 days in Spain) but you got a salary here, you don’t have to file the Declaración de la Renta. Still, if you got income in Spain (i.e. a salary), you should submit the 210 form.

Still confused? We know, taxes are complicated. So reach out to us, we’re here to help.

It’s the process through which the tax residents in Spain declare their global income every year. It allows the Tax Agency to calculate the total amount of the IRPF (Personal Income tax) that you must pay, based on your total income for the past year and the tax allowances you are entitled to.

If you have paid less tax than you owe, you will have to pay the difference and if you have overpaid, you will get a refund.

It’s done every year, from April until 30 June, and it includes the global income for the previous tax year (the Spanish tax year is from 1 January to 31 December).

In order to make the process fast and to file your Declaración de la Renta online, we connect with the Tax Agency software. To do so, we’ll ask you to identify through any of the methods allowed by the Tax Agency:

  • Digital Certificate,
  • Cl@ve PIN password,
  • If you filed the Renta last year, you can also log in with your NIE and a reference number from the Renta of the previous year, found in box 505 of the form.

If you have never filed a Renta and you don’t have a Digital Certificate or a Cl@ve PIN, the easiest way to do it is to get a Cl@ve PIN. Talk to us in the chat and we’ll help you to get one.