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Oyster offers you an exclusive discount to file your taxes

  • We help you with the procedures for self-employment registration
  • We file all your tax returns if you only have to do the annual tax return
  • We solve any doubt in less than 24 hours

A special discount for the Oyster community in Spain

Thanks to Oyster, you will have:

  • 20% discount on our Self-Employed Pack service for the first 6 months.
  • 20% discount if you have to do the tax return once a year.


TaxScouts is a Social Collaborator of the Spanish Tax Agency. This means that our service is verified by the authorities and allows our tax advisors to present your taxes with security.

How does it work? very simple

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Answer a few questions so we will know your situation and complete the first payment

Meet your personal tax advisor

One of our tax advisors will do the self-employment paperwork for you and answer your questions whenever you need it.

Don’t worry

We file all your tax returns and if you are starting out, we also process your self-employment registration.

What does the Self-Employed Online Agency Pack include?

  • We assign you a tax advisor who will answer your questions
  • We register you as self-employed, both in Tax Agency and in Social Security
  • We manage your quaterly statements and your annual summary
  • We present your income tax return 2021
  • We manage your invoices completely online

What we promise, we will do it

  • Personal Tax Advisor

    Your tax advisor does your paperwork, files taxes, advices you according to your situation and handles the paperwork for you.
  • Answer within 24 hours

    In less than one business day, your tax advisor solves your doubts about self-employment procedures and taxes.
  • 100% online service

    We take care of everything and we do it online. You just have to give the approval in one click and that's it.

Reviews don’t lie

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What does the media say?


If you have more questions about how our advisory service for freelancers works, ask us in our chat.

When you sign up and complete the payment, we will assign you a personal advisor who will be in charge of:

  • Process your self-employment registration at the Tax Agency and Social Security (if you are not registered yet).
  • Complete and submit the quaterly and annual tax models (303, 130, 131, 111, 115, 349, 390, 100, 190, 180 and 347).
  • Prepare your income statement.
  • Answer all your tax questions.

In addition, you will be able to see all your invoices and tax receipts presented on the platform.

The price of self-employed pack doest no include:

  • Submit statements form previous quarters that you have pending
  • Regularize self-employed registrations presented with mistakes
  • Help you with issues and files that you have pending with AEAT before hiring our service

Hey, if you are self-employed and need an online management service that is not included in the self-employed pack, nothing happens. Write us by chat or WhatsApp and  we’ll see how we solve it!

We offer a tax advice service for the self-employed: 23,92€ the first 6 months (the 29,90€). We provide you with a personal manager who will deal with all your tax questions and the presentation of your tax forms. The operation is very simple: 

  • Sign up here.
  • Choose the procedure you want to carry out first: self-employment registration if you are not yet or quaterly tax filling if you are already registered.
  • Fill in your personal and payment information. The , the advisor will go directly to work on your registration or tax filling.

We will assign you your advisor. You can contact whenever you need through our platform or by email.

No, like good companies, we do not have permanence. You can unsubscribe whenever you want form your user area and in a single click (hey, but just because it’s so easy doesn’t mean we’re not sorry to see you leaving!).

Monthly payments are made every 30 calendar days. for example, if you register on November 22, the next charge will be made on December 22, so you will always enjoy your full month of advice.

Well, what do we do?

If you want us to be your online agency, let’s get started!

Thanks to Oyster take advantage on a 20% discount if you are self-employed or if you have to do the annual tax return.

If you keep hesitating, we are in the chat to clarify what you need.

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